What Are Automobiles?


The automobile is one of the most universal of modern technologies, a four-wheeled transport vehicle that’s powered by an internal combustion engine. Known more commonly as cars, these vehicles have thousands of complex component parts and are made up of several semi-independent systems that work together to drive the car forward at speeds safe for its occupants to travel at.

The science and technology that underlie the automobile are as diverse as its applications, with origins dating back to Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches of transport vehicles in the 15th century. By the late 1800s, the first modern vehicles were on the road. These early “horseless carriages” were fueled by steam, electricity, or gasoline. Gasoline-powered motorcars won out, however, as they could be started instantly and traveled longer distances before needing to be refueled.

Automobiles are also used for many different types of jobs, from moving construction materials to ferrying goods and passengers. Special purpose automobiles, such as ambulances and fire engines, are also in service to people in need. The automobile has transformed the way we live, offering new jobs, housing options, and leisure activities. It also brought new challenges, including pollution and harm to the environment.


The ability to travel long distances quickly can be a huge benefit when you have a busy life. You can cut down on commute times and spend more time doing the things you love. Having a car can also make it easier to visit friends and family, or to go shopping for groceries.

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