5 Reasons Why Relationships Are Good For You


Relationships have a big impact on our lives. They help us feel connected and important, increase our sense of well-being, boost our immune systems, make it easier to recover from illness, and can even add years to our life.

A healthy relationship is made up of five essential ingredients: Trust, Support, Communication, Commitment and Connection. Each of these aspects has its own benefits, but when all five are present in a relationship, it’s likely to be happy and fulfilling.

1. Support

In a good relationship, your significant other is there to support you, no matter what happens. This is particularly helpful when you are going through a difficult time, as having someone to turn to for advice and help is often a huge relief.

2. Connecting

A strong connection in a relationship is essential to making it work, but it’s also something that takes time to build. It can be as simple as having great conversations, sharing interests or experiencing a spark of attraction.

3. Communication

When we are in a healthy relationship, we communicate with our partner regularly about what we need and want. When we share our feelings and concerns, it helps us grow as individuals and can improve our ability to deal with stress.

4. Commitment

When you commit to your relationship, you are telling your partner that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. This is one of the most powerful things that you can do for your relationship, and it’s an essential step if you want to be truly happy in your relationship.

5. Commitment is something that can be hard to keep but it’s a crucial component of a successful relationship. This is especially true when it comes to long-term relationships, as it’s not uncommon for couples to go through periods where they struggle to connect or talk about their feelings.

Getting out of this habit isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort if you want to maintain a healthy relationship. Being in a relationship that doesn’t include regular communication can be stressful and can lead to a lot of unnecessary conflicts, which isn’t the kind of atmosphere you want to be in.

6. Relationships help you become a better version of yourself

A healthy relationship can teach you many skills that you may not have learned otherwise. It will help you to develop your communication and conflict resolution skills, learn to be a better listener, and become a more confident person overall.

It will also help you to learn how to deal with difficult situations and make tough decisions. This is a crucial part of being a mature adult, and it’s one that can be hard to master.

In a healthy relationship, you will have plenty of space to pursue your interests outside the relationship. This could mean taking a class together, learning a new skill or trying out a hobby.